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West part of Bali

West Bali National Park
West Bali National Park is a main attraction in Sumberkelampok Village. This national park offers variety lodgings and public facilities, such like guest houses, hotels, speed boat, and many others. The main player is Jalak Bali, which is one of endanger creatures. There are also many animals in this national park. In addition, Jalak Bali is not the only one. Animals’ sightseeing is not the only thing that you can do in this village. If you prefer to explore underwater creatures around the area, we would arrange dive operators service for you.

It stands at Gilimanuk take about 4 hours from Denpasar And Kuta. It takes more energy and time but take it easy and don’t worry about it, we provide tour and transfer service to the Area. Surely, you can enjoy the journey and you will love it!

Menjangan Island
Menjangan Island is coral island that sets at North Western of Bali Mainland. No doubt, this island is a heaven for diving junkies and underwater photographers. As a part of Bali National Park, it is the area where government and local get involve protecting the environment. It means the condition is calm and clear. The water also provides great visibility.

There are two levels area for diver at Menjangan Island. First level is around Garden Eel, base 1 and base 2. Beautiful wall diving, blue-toothed, Titan, Long fin Banner fish and sometime big turtle are some highlights at this spot. Do not forget, Garden Eel is a prime star in here. The second level is Anchor Wreck, as people call it. To a depth 35 meters, there is wooden ship debris that used to transfer the helots. Under this circumstance, you can discover sharks sometimes.

It is located close to the Bali National Park takes about four hours Denpasar or Kuta. Accessing to the Menjangan Island for diving or relaxing we also provide tour programs that you will stay arroud the Lovina Beach. Diving pick up time will be after the Dolphin tour in the morning, and it takes about One hour to get the Menjangan Island.

Located at northwestern island, Pejarakan is a village that offers many attractions to tourists. Banyuwedan Hotspring is a main reason to visit this village. Tour operators use this village as starting point to cross to Menjangan Island.

Pejarakan Village is also a good example for culture tourism. Solidarity reflects life in this village, when it has started a long time ago. Most people do agriculture activity in Pejarakan, while the other depends on diving or snorkeling business. Here, salt production is a prime sector. Pejarakan is one of the village that produces salt in Bali.

The name of the village is the same as the Hindu Temple. It is Purancak Temple, which sets on Bali around 1546. The temple is the icon of the village that makes you easy to find it.

If you are not down into culture tourism, you can visit the beach in this village. Perancak Beach is not crowd as the other beaches in Bali, such like Dreamland, Sanur and Kuta. If you love photography, you have an opportunity to capture a beautiful moment at sunset. Each year, Perancak holds traditional rowing boat race to celebrate the anniversary Negara.

There is also Sea Turtle Preservation in this village. It is the “Kurma Kasih”. The simple reason why the conservation in this beach area because the beach is a perfect place for sea turtles breeding. Besides, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beach and do release turtle kids to the sea.

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